DAYS~90-98/USPS,Votes,And my friend

I'm back..missed two weeks..time to state some facts..It's now Days ninety through ninety eight..and the USPS.. although proud.. is no longer great..the attacks on the office and post..seem only to be now political..strictly to get votes..A system losing not just millions..The past 15 years..The numbers in billions..A USPS the losses have shown..Now he just worries and states..if allowed..It will be the biggest fraud ever known..I have a question for both sides..How can none of you See..The huge losses..where's your American pride..Seems in the wake of this virus..Lines have been drawn.. Nobody seems to now know..Right.. from now Even Wrong..Can anybody now win..With this the state it is now in..Children told..To go back to school..Smart..or are we just fools..One side says hide..The other side..divides..wait for a Deaths keep mounting..denied. yet forseen..we now walk down the street..and only see half a face..yet we're all part..of the same human race..I want to Add..One last personal note..for my friend who I mentioned. in the beginning..for her help..For all these words..I Have now wrote..The accident..that almost took your life..The kids a mother..A husband his wife..Please take it slow..Recover and heal..For me..I need you..and like everything else..It all seems now surreal..Thats all for Days 90 through 98..Sorry to you all.. this was so late..Day 99 is up next..I'm sure there will be more of the same..thus leaving us all..more perplexed


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