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 For so many today will give Thanks..To friends and to family...Although theres many...Who don't have any..It's for them this day should be shared..You see For so long..Nobody has truly cared..The ones with so much..They run and they run..Can they slow down..To see  what they've become..Lawyers..Doctors.. Nurses and all  the rest..Do they not see..How truly they are blessed..Having the chance to Thank and to Give..Is what he intended..And how we should all  live.. For the ones who cannot..and not of their will..This day is for you..However one feels..Forget about race..color or creed..Help someone out..Theres now so many who truly do need..Forget what ones learned..Forget what you think..The world were now in..Is so close to the brink..Lend out a hand..Do what one can..However your living..Just close your eyes and open your heart..and for all.. Happy Thanksgiving..

DAY~103/ You Lost:Time to Concede

 It's with the utmost happiness and Glee I  write about day one hundred and three...The people have now spoken millions have voted and now are awoken..It wasnt enough to win even though half the country voted for you..Of course you won't concede although it's the proper thing to do..We must now begin to heal which for You was never how you  feel..I used to admire your drive and your will..Now I just see an empty man with his own ego to fill..You can have all the money the houses the planes and the cars..Look in the mirror do you even know who you are..You are the President of the United States..Though in the end you divided us and taught us more hate..You said once again you would make America great..How could that happen as you just belittle and berate..So many  gave there lives for our freedom always continuing to fight..It let's me say this to you as i am Free to just write..This country Is for us all not just for you..Freedom gives us the right to pick and also then

DAY~102/COUNT THEM All and then say goodbye

 It's now onto Day one hundred and two..All days in between,It's been awhile..and today..It seems now you are through..No compassion for the people...Cost you your job..240,000 dead..and their loved  ones..left empty..and feeling robbed..You are about only you..Always have been.. through and through..And of course.. You won't accept the count..of the people's vote...Why should you..Losers can't gloat..You had a choice to make..Which path to walk on..Which one to take..It never was about the people..Or to stop the virus to it's end..until it was through..Even today you still think..It's no worse than the flu..Democracy is what it's called..You should be ashamed of all your lies..As now most of us..Looking at you..Are appalled..You never tell the truth..just demean and divide..Instead your just forcing..All of us to choose a side.. We are a free country.. for many reasons..And one is free will..If you had your way.. Even that you somehow.. Would try to  ki


 A quick turnaround.. for I now write again..Day one hundred and one..Is now here..and with it..we realize our biggest fear..He wouldn't wear masks..Took others for wearing them..To task..Yes Mr President.. we wish you the best..but also we ask..why didn't you..get us more tests..Yes..we want you to get well..but why did it take you so long..To ring the viruses berate.. instigate..and call it just the flu..Yes..please get better..But it havnt a clue..Yes..this may be harsh..and hard..for you to hear..maybe though now.. you will listen..and will realize..The virus..did not dissappear..This virus is real..not just to be used..For political feel..200,000..of us have died..all the kept chiding.. seemingly..To divide..Twitter.. tweet..make fun our great highly at risk..who else in your circle..will go down..because of's not just this fight for our should of been different..if you


 It's now Day one hundred..It took awhile..To write again..So much to say..About now and then..First up..I want to say.. We lost a great.. supreme court justice..She was one of the best..Always fought for what's right..Every day..And every night..We will miss you..ARE..EYE..PEA.. Miss R.G..B...Now onto the first debate..Can anyone tell me..What that was..Or why..Or because..Next one..They SHUD call it..Onto you I  berate..Instead of The Presidential debate..We are supposed to vote..For one of these two..Amongst this circus..And madhouse..Maybe instead..We all should vote.. For Mickey Mouse..Watching two grown men..One already the leader..A liar..And a cheater..The other..Not much better..But at least for now.. He won't demand..His name.. On a check enclosed.. Stimulus letter..It's all so surreal.. As we all have no clue..What now to believe...Or what to feel..One must win.. The other will lose..Although regardless..It's not much of a choice..From those two..For us t

DAY 99~The Kentucky Derby in September not May

 Day ninety nine is now here..A virus claimed a tradition that comes year after year. I will go outside the normal news and share with you my views..For i am a lifelong fan always cheering as the horses run as fast as they can..Today is Kentucky derby Day in September instead of May ..A world upside down with 100 year old  tradition now moved around.. It doesn't feel The same..As a proud tradition seems to be a dying game..Raise a mint julep have a few beers its surreal to have the Derby this late in the year..I have memories aplenty with a lifetime of stories..Wins and losses all in seperate categories.. Seems for today something is lost..We all now blame and are paying the viruses cost..Still we will bet hoping to get a piece of it's history no matter  the day..Though the derby belongs not in September but forever in May..It's a run for the roses a horse race for those in the know..100,000 attend yet now are forbidden to go..Sports with no spectators..Horse races with emp

DAYS~90-98/USPS,Votes,And my friend

I'm back..missed two weeks..time to state some facts..It's now Days ninety through ninety eight..and the USPS.. although proud.. is no longer great..the attacks on the office and post..seem only to be now political..strictly to get votes..A system losing not just millions..The past 15 years..The numbers in billions..A USPS the losses have shown..Now he just worries and states..if allowed..It will be the biggest fraud ever known..I have a question for both sides..How can none of you See..The huge losses..where's your American pride..Seems in the wake of this virus..Lines have been drawn.. Nobody seems to now know..Right.. from now Even Wrong..Can anybody now win..With this the state it is now in..Children told..To go back to school..Smart..or are we just fools..One side says hide..The other side..divides..wait for a Deaths keep mounting..denied. yet forseen..we now walk down the street..and only see half a face..yet we're

Day 87-89~It is What it is

It is now time..for Day Eighty-seven through Day Eighty- nine..Can anyone explain..This moment in time..A man who is in charge..And the leader..of this  great country..what's left to I will do it just bluntly..We never have seen his kind..He is now lost..In his own little mind..On talk about  American deaths..want us to know..instead...of what high ratings..he gets..A Buffoon or a he continues to dismiss..He is to now ever get.. any of's becoming only he.. thinks he's such a again he now says..American deaths..Is just Is..What it Is..He has always.. just wanted to be liked.. it's now his he argues.. lies..and just fights..who cares about ratings..if he is hated or liked..heres an about the the virus still kills...and continues to spike..your not gonna had your four a White house..To sit in..As everything else..that failed..that you ever touched..blaming ever

DAY86~Unite not fight

Onto Day Eighty-six..So much now to fix..Since our reopenings..done with wishes, prayers, illogic, and just hoping..91,000 more..Americans are now dead..Father's, mother's, sisters and brothers..How can people not's not about just you..or  about me..Together..It's about us all..To survive..and to fall..Some will not listen..others will just fight..How can this help..argue about..who's wrong or right..People are dying..each and everyday..most can't say goodbye..not's now the covid's true we must work.. it's true we must provide..which leaves the virus..the true winner.. when we choose not to hide..what's the true answer..from our's never the same..always political..always a game..We must find a get through each day..But to fight about schools,masks tests and then Rules..Leaves a country a time we shud unite..let's stop all the bickering..let's now try.. to get this right..Tha

DAY85~Open letter

Well, well , well..isn't it swell.. In comes Day he now sounds..oh so contrived..Now calling patriotic.. seems it shud be..Hes idiotic..How long will this last..His lies about..wearing masks..forced to return..Back to his briefings..Just tells us now..what really..You are feeling..Trust from the start..Was never his part..Now so many.. are's just like the what he had said..enough is enough..flip flop..flip flop..We now..Call your bluff..Tell us more lies.. keep trying to disguise..Sign all our checks.. how about a letter..for each of the deaths..You never did get it..Too busy saying.. You are the best..Yet still were behind..In all of the tests..When will you wake up..Is 200,000 deaths..Not  enough..We soon..will be there..will it matter.. or do you care.. A leader should's what we wanted..and did need..You failed us in all..and we continue to fall.. thanks..but no thanks..and your numbers just declined..and con

DAY83,84 Rehash,Remember,Stay safe

It's time for day Eighty three and Eighty four..For this writer.. cannot take anymore.. Now let's rehash..A few poems from the past..Half truths,denials and lies..Now make grown men..Make decisions.. seemingly unwise..In Georgia..he claims..he didn't know..then said..only the past 24 hours..he  learned..the virus did show..Now that same man..who opened salons and bars..far to now laying always..and so surely.. Now just accusing..His own mayor..with misguided facts..and blocking her order..with simply a law..for all to help eachother..and to please wear a mask.. Where now is Mr Rand Paul..Told Mr Fauci.. your not the be all..end all..Also he stated.. When nothing does surge..upon these openings..He hoped.. that the ones..who were so wrong..would then say sorry..Where are you must be on vacation..Been now so quite..are yu now on..some sort of self imposed safari..  Then...There's the man..The president..if u still call him that..and still can

DAY 74-82~Notes,Quotes, and Votes

Day seventy four is no more.. Day seventy five..Thru Day eighty all about You know who..There's quotes..notes..and for him.. it's all about votes..Can it be such a surprise..Florida and Texas ignore all the guidelines..Now the Virus..Once again.. continues to rise...An economy or deaths.. as he just ignores..The virus...with each passing breath..only because..we're testing why our cases..continue to now soar..leading the world in deaths..also new cases..says we test the most..and its silly..To wear masks on our faces..Has he not read.. over 134,000 Americans now dead..Open our states..go back to Work..the virus just waiting..just sat..and did lurk..can an economy survive..with less and alive..I'm sure he will make up something to say..after's always about him..with each passing day..That's all for Days 75 thru 82..seems again to be hard.. just to get through..wait and we will up.. is Day 83


Day fifty three and fifty four..Long ago..Were no more..It's now..Day fifty five..through Day seventy three..Our independance was born..And our named.. Home of the free..She now..just has aged.. Seemingly filled..with just rage..Though look at her closer..Her beauty from within..Still a beholder.. This writer though sad..For the times..We now live in..Would be nowhere else..For me..that's a given..A country torn apart..Was not that..from our start..A land of ones dreams..Filled with hope...Though for many..A constant walk..On a tightrope..So many Cultures..and Colors..with her belief..Makes us different..And oh so unique..For some though..They still..Just don't think..Today it's her birthday..A Celebration for all..To live here..Is still the best..Though for now..quite hard..and truly a test..For this.. There is no is time for change..And it's never to late..One day soon..She again will smile..And our country.. Will be

DAY 53,54~ Not again? Another is shot

We now go into.. Day fifty three and Day fifty four..Still more of the same..another is the police..just ignore..Armed with a taser..taken from a cop..costs another his life..As he is killed..with several shots..Not in the leg..his butt..or an arm..Instead..he is shot..with commit deadly harm..Mayors stepping down..Police chiefs just under their watch..These crimes.. The police are still committing..When will it stop..this murder by cop..Probably never..Since its been going on..Now seems.. like forever..Do what we can..try to stay alive.. Day 53 and Day 54..are now Day 55..

DAY 52~Lost at the helm

It's Day fifty two..does anyone know what to do..cops pushing seniors down..stopping to his streaming blood..onto the ground..peaceful protests..gathering en is met..with shots..and crowds they cry..from all the tear gas..a president with no clue..tells the fire..and this..Is what you must do..just so he..can get a picture..for his sake..holding a then he won't look so liable..who do we trust.. in what should we believe..if violence is our reward..  and all we many issues..a rudderless helm..a man in very's beginning to seem.. no matter how loud we scream..the leaders won't lead.. no matter the need..they just want nothing but away..they still walk..leaving us all..with our backs.. against the a country of freedoms.. that now just seems many more lives..must we now our cost..were now through...with day 52..somehow..we wil

DAY 51~A Country Slowly Tearing Apart

Onto day fifty one.. with still.. so much injustice.. being done..People now engaging..In Cities..Fires are now raging.. With so many years of silence..although wrong..Violence..begets  Violence...Protesters.. most are uniting..Some others..Senslessly...are Looting..and Fighting..with the seeds..of Civil unrest..Leadership is its Best.. What do we have..and for so long..What has it been..for how many people..have just kept it..from Whithin..who is to one murder..upon a just inflames..Ones beliefs.. Religion..or Color..of their skin..leaves us all..just to wonder..if we can heal..and then again..just begin..Down is the sun.. on Day 51..What can we now do.. For up next.. is Day 52..

DAY 50~God bless Mr Floyd

Today is Day fifty..And it's only about one..let's talk about the injustice..upon Mr Floyd..That has been done..while screaming.. I can't breathe..makes a sworn harder.. on his neck.. with his knee..I am neither Latino...Asian Black or White..simply im human..and this not right..On the ground he layed.. helpless..handcuffed.. pleading for his life..Is only met..with more he paid..with his life..An officer of the law..Didn't care.. how many people saw..It's time..To stop this crime..Nobody..will ever win..if only judged. by the color..of ones skin..To the family of Mr Floyd..Let us served..and nothing less..and to your family..and Mr Floyd..God bless..A sickly way..for Day 50.. to be Day 51..

DAY 49~Forget,Forgive, Censor, and Vote

It is now time..for Day Forty-nine..Not much is now said..although 100,000 or more.. .are now dead.. we now are distracted..By him we are just led..then we are whatever The White House.. does disperse..I guess when he said poof..the virus will be meant for him.. just to forget..and move on all along..It's not only.. just many..will now..on his word..simply..sink or swim..For's still our ignore..or to listen..censoring.. social media..despite being lies..Is it our right..Or are his new laws..what's to come..and are they wise..a slippery slope..were now on..As the man in charge..seems to be lost..and long gone..An election..forthcoming..only 2.. will be running..It won' the media..or  opinions..of others..Nor will it be..whos loudest..or screams the most..It will be us..who decides..For soon..the  time is coming..that we all..get to Vote..Day gone..and has passed swiftly..Next we are onto..Half a century..a

DAY 47,48~Twitter and Tweet Part 2

Onto Day fourty seven.. also..Day fourty eight..missing a poem.. sorry it's late..He can't seem to stop..his Twitter..and tweet rage..even accusing one of his twitter rampage..all of it's political.. without a can we a nation..he now divides..and does side wears masks..the other will not..all for his gain..regardless..of his conspiracy plots..I am not..on his side..nor always's just getting hear..all he now about for once..just be the president.. help us to heal..instead always just vent..he now forces add a he now.. takes the role..of head campaigner..with a virus..still at hand.. its highest..this should be the time..for remain..unbiased...that  is all.. for Day 47..and 48..Next is Day 49..and I won't be late..

DAY 46~Breaking the law

Onto Day fourty-six...And still he resists..This time.. breaking the law...At Ford..everyone then saw..The message..he now completely..all wrong.. does he not know.. 93,000.. are dead..and now gone..His answer when asked..why he refuses..To not..wear a mask..was simply this..why should  I wear one..then give the press..satisfaction..and then my ego..who will then's now just listen..everything from him..that we have heard..To the man..deaths are a number..the virus..a gnat..swipe it away..and it's all gone..seemingly.. just like that..breaking the law..still firing all..who oppose..I a his own mind..and head..he's a great leader..just like the rest..who have led..That's all for day 46..will he ever learn.. his lesson..maybe..We will find Day 47..

DAY 45~He Takes It, Why Not?

We now Day fourtyfive..Did he say..For now 10 days.. Once again..a drug will work.. it seems to me..he's gone berserk.. what he takes..Can he not.. keep quite..for all our sakes..How many now..will do the same..just because..of one man's really is..almost a leader..without true facts..will just reveal..he doesn't get.. so many now..will blindly more and more..his words.. seem hollow..There are 2 words..he's long we know.. from his show..those 2 words..are..YOUR FIRED..That he's done.. one by one..For anyone..gets in his way..pack your end of day..Day 45..leaves much to fix..We will we're Day 46..

DAY 44~Fire them all

Here we go...with more.. from Day fourty four.. States slowly open..all are now hoping..they chose the right time..for head back..into the sunshine..meanwhile...on the hill..A president.. is firing all still..those who oversee..and look out..for you and me.. the latest look into his boss..the very next day..he was fired..with no cause..if ones to watch.. then report..what is seen..why in 6 weeks.. are then easily fired..and seem just routine..Can he fire them all..who made him answer..and recall..soon will be a choice..even that..they now argue..which count our we now.. grow farther away..from how this country..was founded..seems with each new day..Our problems..are now just compounded..No more.. from Day 44..For now has arrived..A new Day..45..

DAY 43~You are not the End all

It's time we all see..into Day's a governor..Last name is Paul..Told an expert..he's not all that..or even the end all...He says..when all  the experts..who want to predict..many more deaths..If thier wrong..they must then admit..or stop..making threats.. Excuse me..Mr Paul..Have they all..been so wrong..Or maybe it's you..whos been wrong..all along.. Will you then do..what you now ask..when it's you..who is wrong..with all your misguided facts..The economy..or more leaves them..just mumbling..under their breaths..still pointing fingers..still laying blame..maybe they all.. should go to lunch...all the same.. Grown men..Who act like children..always blocking..each other's path..For how then..can our country...soon this evolutionary..aftermath..That's it..for Day 43..although..there's so much more..maybe we will the next Day..44..

DAY 42~Twitter and Tweet

What do you's time we will go..Into.. Day Fourty-two..Now.. what will you say..what will you do..The virus.. so's right under your nose..You say.. How did this happen.. maybe your facts..or your lack of compassion..You won't..wear a mask.. despite medical facts.. or you say..The party in blue..set you you called it..just the flu..Twitter and tweet..all day and all the survive..and to eat..Why can't you stop..laying blame on the others..why can't you stop..pointing fingers at eachother.. said in the will just go..and quietly..before we all know.. Could it be..You were wrong..Or it's been us..all along.. Seems to still have no clue..What to say..or what to do..Why don't you lead..Stop all the blame..DO what you should..and stop naming names..There's still..plenty of sick..And soon..each state..will again..uptick...Karma may come..Then..What will you do..that&

DAY 41~Happy Mother's Day

Now comes..Day fourty-one..This poem is for many..But for me..its about one..For all the mother's..who put us before others.. With always..their soft touch.Today is the time..we show them.. what they mean..and how a world.. not the same..also never seen. truly they are..our hero and our queen..forever now changed..our still does remain..and forever will..stay the same..All the mother's deserve..this day to observe..How special they are..Your truly our star..Make the best..of this day..Please do it your way..For now I will wish..Before a new day..As Day 42..Have the best..and the brightest..And Happy Mother's Day..To all of you.. poem

DAY 40~ What's Normal

Onto Day's start reporting.. States have now opened.. Although..not uniformed..each is so different..what's the new norm..Sit down to eat..will the virus we meet..Some won't wear's also thier right..though contradicts..all the true facts..Go buy a the risk.. worth all the mess..That's now..our dilemma..and for many..thier new agenda..what's now just right.. what's now just wrong.. time will soon matter.. how headstrong..stay safe...And aware..Day 40 is over.. Day now next..seems though that now..we care.. less and less..


It's now..Day thirty-nine..So I will take some time..To just one man..though most likely..he won't I will say..what I can..Are we not all the same..True Americans..with red blood..running through are veins..I know only..of this country..Born here and raised..why does it seem..For you..all the facts..are not weighed.. Your the leader..of this country..and the all we many stories..will leave us all..just to bleed.. Whether one..or a million..each the same..someone's sister..and they all..had a name..calling them deaths..or one in a number..Would you still feel the same.. godforbid..if it was your own mother..That's it..for my time..and Day 39..Its onto Day 40..I just said my piece..Hoping you all..Didn't mind my release..

Day 38~A Second Wave

Day our fate..swaztikas,robes, nooses..they wore..reminding us all..of the past..and much more..this has become..lines drawn in the sand..which side is right..a decisions..soon at hand..A leader..who fans all the flames.. seemingly...for political gains..won't seem to settle..without the last word..each day anew..Is more..of what we havnt heard..The other not much better..always just wants..On him..A Scarlett letter..A second assured..Social obscured..some..will go outside..some will just hide..all the while.. choosing sides..while costing more lives.. Assuring us all..many more..will then die..Day 38..does so go..for now it is time..A new day is here...Day 39..

DAY 36,37~Whose lives to risk?

Day thirty-six and combined..due to my transgression..Skipping a the news..had not much to different.. many states..chose to open..ignoring the numbers..recommended by others..rolling the dice..hoping more.. won't lose their life..For Georgia..1000 new 24 hours..36 Dead..seems abuse of his powers..nothing has changed..yet states rearrange.. putting more at risk..means more cases..will come.. assuredly..quite brisk..some have to we emerge..from our bunkers..what parts political..what should we debate..Day 36 and 37..are now over..Day now our fate..

DAY 35~Manicures

Day no more.Day thirty-five..we must survive..First up is Georgia..With a leader..who seems too early..Will soon..Pay the cost..Not long ago..he uttered..We didn't know..Now he's so sure..He allows..Manicures.. Ignoring all models..To wait..until 14 days of decline..will soon make his state..The unwanted..New fault line..Next up is testing..As most aren't investing..One million infected..Yet some have elected..To open back up..too soon..and abrupt..No cure or vaccine..Is still not forseen..Then why do they open..Just a guess..and are they hoping.. We have survived..Day 35..with a lot that conflicts..Next on the list..Is Day 36..

Day 34~Thank You

In comes..Day thirty-four..with a bit.. from my heart..i will now pour..for some..they will their doors..not knowing.. whats truly in store.. what we many jobs..have been such a high price..with such a high now rearranged..our world..forevers been changed..thank you to all..who took some just read..I hope that one poem..was what you did need..for soon..I will sign off..but first..i wanted to share..its not just one country..but the world..that was exposed..and laid bare..stay safe..and aware..Day 34 has now ended..Day 35 is now here..this truly..was a test...thank you for reading..and to all..God bless..

DAY 33~Bleach or Impeach

It's time we do see... About...Day thirty-three. Seems a bit quite to me..people just mostly...forgetting the key..most stay away..although some..seem to be forgetting..more and more..everyday..Again words..only he could say..Though ones..not impeach..somehow..he can utter..Maybe we  should inject bleach..Gone are his detractors..just left.. with all benefactors..The heat is now we've been told.. it will cause the start running..dissapper..and become old..stories.. Rumors..a ridiculous leader..makes it hard  to become..truly a believer..Day no more..Now onto..Day 34..

DAY 32~The Circus

What should we now do..with Day thirty-two..whether it's red..or the party in blue..why does it seem..once again..they just call it the flu..A month and a has passed by..what do we know..or even why..The problem for that all..cannot see..we haven't a cure..a months how can it be..were now fine..and ok...just embers..he says will remain..He should's his circus..and game..Day now through..what's next..we will see..for soon we'll find out..whats in store..for Day 33..

Day 31~Stockholm Syndrome?

Raise your hand..if you can..if do never was true..that nothing is linked..put the blame..from where it came..with each state..on its own...for soon..we will be again..leave our homes..there's an election to win..both sides..are now in..whoosh!..away it will go..for how did he know..the virus is just wrong.. time will soon tell..although.. none of them will..two sides..on the sand..drew a line..because they can..for one..they will lose..another..will win..Day 31 is now over..Day 32.. now comes in..

Day 30~Still so many questions

Seems to me..we have drawn a it comes..goodbye Day twentynine..Here's Day thirty..Some say he is..Some..say he's not worthy..theres many i will now ask..Does anyone Know..what truly..are the facts..the easily bent..wasted now spent..soon a million..will be infected. has anything..been corrected..or has a cure..been found..or accepted..Many want.. to go outside..who can blame them..our cure..we were told..was to many many sick..yet now we it's now fixed..all we know..from before..this virus... knocks on any door..Goodbye day 30..again we hurry..for everyone..comes now..Day 31..

Day 29~To leave or not to leave

With a warning sign..comes day twenty nine..truly..we now know..the virus..will not show..from twenty three..confirmed over they say..let's take a breath..can we now we know..the past fourty days..the virus..will not go..Have we only we all returned..To a life at home..for all is still unknown..some say stay at home..others say it's fine..goodbye Day upon the will come Day 30..

DAY 28~Open House?

Day now our fate..with Issue after no one will admit it only me..or truly they can't see..Thirty thousand fourty days or less..The virus is still we have been they want to let us go outside..have they found a cure..or what it's all about..only thing they say..just brings more fear and doubt... The tests we need aren't here..a cure may be a now..just seems just too late..goodbye Day 28..send us any upon the hill..Now comes Day 29

DAY 27~40 Days facts and stats

Day twenty-seven..brings many truly stands they still..just scream and shout.. ..On March 3rd..we so heard..100 cases..with 9 deaths..just a blip..within the we can this be..600k..confirmed we for deaths.. without the tests..we had just now has climbed..well beyond..28k.getting our dismay..just fourty days..have now many many have passed..seems less and less..that now is grasped..why can't they tell us...just the facts..The talk is now..of when to open..seems to me..more wish..and hoping..Day 27..had much debate..what's now to come..on Day 28..

DAY 26~Total Control

Now we're in..Day twenty-six..we shake our heads..espescially since..he says control... is his and total..seems for him..its anecdotal..did he say..i'll veto.. or is it only..his big ego..States somehow.. are talking now...should we open..or wait and they think..he will agree..looming soon..will be a choice.. all together..or just one voice..Day 26...we learned a lesson.. what's now we Day 27...

Day 25~Seniors Survive

Day twenty-five..has arrived..and for seniors..too many have died..just to walk..or go outside..seems they always hide.. fear of a virus..looking for a host..knocks on the doors..of seniors the most..look in their they try to disguise..the worry and fear..yet somehow..they must persevere.. grandmothers..grandfathers..moms and dads..all of us do..all of us have..stay safe and aware.. please never forget..the world..truly does care.. with just a few answers..and so many we turn.. to Day 26.. courtesy/of mom

Day24~Happy Easter/Together??

Rebirth..on this Earth..As easter is for today..there's nothing to fear..think just of beginnings..and belief..though now for some..its quite hard..just know..that we share in your grief.. forever together..within this fight..on our knees..were now humbled..yet we still.. must unite..although we are home..truly..were not matter our beliefs..or where we do live..lend a hand..for eachother..and just try to egg is a symbol..for most..means rebirth..a symbol of all of most faith's..Happy Easter to all..Day awaits..

Day 23~A door still is open

Day now through..Day twenty three.. will now be..The time.. before Easter..also for Passover..without a cure.. as they all..still just clash over..when should we open..or do we stay  closed..the truth of the  matter..Nobody knows.. most of us survive and much we all..still ask why..people still passing..the sick..still amassing..the economy.. seems somehow collapsing..with all this and more..there still is a door..called faith..and belief..together we pray.. for all our relief..Day 23.. does now 24 is to mend..for we all..will be home..and for this Easter..I will write..simply a poem..

Day22~Kids under 25

Day twenty-one is now done..Day twenty- two Begins..With shame on you..A governor of one state..Who put shelter in place orders.In far too late..Now he just claims..Kids under 25 have not died..Does he not read..or has he not received..Any word in a  memo...For how can he not know..That many have died under the age of 25..He says open the schools..for are they then not just fools..someone should check.. ..If he's playing with a full deck..Let's first take care of what's needed..As many deaths were so easily conceded..simply because the warnings..were ignored and not heeded..Day 22 is now baffling to me.. next on the way is Day 23..

Day21~Still about Tests

Day twenty is gone.. Day twenty now next.. once's about supplies..and much needed tests..Yes we are testing..with doctors..and nurses..never resting..We have the most cases..also the most deaths..So why all the arguing..about giving tests..the talks..are when to open..should that not wait..until we are fired..because one..seems now just be accused..his bruised..does it now's become..just political..should he not let.. the experts analyze.. before..he becomes hypocritical..those who have lost..on this record day..God bless and stay I will now say..Day 21 is now through.. now onto.. Day 22..

Day20~Naive or just stupid

The news is twenty..lets begin..with the navy..and who's naive..or just he's.. unemployed..and for him.. so well suited..Advisors are fleeing..appointees..are  seeing..Something is now none..get along..bicker and a time..we should unite..Can anybody heal..or just not feel..that our leaders..cant this time..of great just's the worst..of our dreams..Day 21..comes day gone..why does it feel..were now becoming  ...just pawns..

Day19~Still confused

Day nineteen..has begun..and again..we hear one..who talks out of place..leaves us confused.. on what we do face..still we are short..on much needed supplies..isn't this what..they provide..a mention again..for 2000 good men.Thier commander.. sent a plea..they say..out of place..for that..he was fired..forever disgraced.. though calling him another did say..doesn't seem the the fight..the teen days are 19..the last left us with comes..Day 20..

Day18~Were in this together

Day eighteen...has the sick..still do come..were told..this week into next..will bring us..the most ironic..they now all our dismay..the worst is to come..around the matter ones beliefs..or religion..the virus won't stop..this much is a given..let's each take the time..whatever our belief..say a prayer.. for each other..for help and relief..despite..what will happen..just tell us the truth..were in this together..if we're old..or a youth..stay safe and is 19..soon shall come..a new week is now has begun..

Day17~A commander is fired

Day comes in..a commanders..let go..simply..for letting us know..half his crew..with the virus..became sick..for this..he was let go..and a over..that quick..decisions.seem now this pandemic..alot..has been mismanaged..some..does make sense..others..not so.. as the virus and it's toll..continue to grow..will it be we stay away..for must of us now..were home everyday..let's try to what we can..for no one is sure..or has a true now now next..let's pray for a cure..and hope for the best..

Day16~The masks

Day sixteen..we seem in between..will some wear masks..others..want more matter the choice..the virus..has the voice..whatever were's killing our old..we all..must now try.. to listen.. and comply..just stay we all..can live another day..cooped our homes..for me.. means more poems..find what you the numbers..don't is up to help and discuss..for all in this world..let's hope soon.. your flags will unfurl..let's pray for a we all..must now gone.. without a cure..or magic gene.. next on the day 17

Day15~Still were confused

In through the door..What's now in store..Day fifteen has now come..As more will succumb... Seems masks are the talk..For if we must walk..As one state is to late..Says we now just found out..So hard to believe..Just causes more doubt..Back to the masks..And just a few facts..One says wear a scarf..another says no..Again we're confused..On which way to go..Can anyone say..Which is the way..Or should we just all  the rest..Maybe one day..With only one voice..For us they will see..The truth holds the key... Goodbye Day 15...We now know nothing's routine...We now  begin anew..With Day 16..

Day13~Has he finally gotten it

Day thirteen has arrived...He seems a bit less contrived...We hope this is so.. As we all are confused on which way to go..It does seem a bit odd.. That a virus would cause every country in the world to slow down and just pause..We now are told the worst shall soon come..So much is needed so much to be done..A small shift in ones thinking..Just the truth we all need ..As we must fight and on this its agreed..On a personal note i just want to say..Thank you to my friend for all of your help that you unselfishly give me each and everyday..Without you I couldn't do this..It then would leave me with nothing to say..Day 13 is now over..Day 14 is next on the way...

Day14~Where are all the tests

Day now next..lets talk about many..are somehow.. they seem can it be..that they still.. cannot see..with people.. just falling..seems now.. they are calling..for a keep up..why does it late..and abrupt..they talk like they many will die..then how can they not..bring all the supply.. we also must just keep it will save..more lives..with each.. passing day..Day no opens the door...

Day12~listen and help

Day twelve now rolls in..What an Eleven days it has been..A day of just rest..And again we have a request..Why won't anyone See.. how bad this may become..How bad it may be..It's a war were now in..Not to believe is truly a sin..Send what we need and stop all the greed..It's not about that Nor political clout..Lives hang in the balance..For this there is little doubt..Again we will ask to those who should know..Stop all the fighting your just helping it grow..Cant you just listen..And not forego anymore lives..As the death count continues..And surely will  rise...Day 12 has now passed as we're taught how to clean..Now a new day approaches..And it's lucky number 13..

Day11~Day to rest

Day eleven were in..does anybody win..let me now say..let's take a think of the best..sit with our family..and just rest..give thanks..for our blessings..without..not forgetting..the doctors..and nurses..who for us..done so much..we thank you..for doing..especially..your soft touch..true heroes.. you are.. as you so the are breaking..for are making..a in flux..seem a little..less everyone reading..a thank you..I say.. day 11.. now over.. day 12 a new day..

Day10~a defense production act

here in day ten..we then when..they tell us..go left..then to go he now home..without any light..he has in his power..The defense.. production act..instead of make it..just's hard to believe..we still cant receive.. anything matter the a war..against more lives..will be lost..if this writer..seems's not my's sad now to see..what they now..can't prevent..simply because..of one 10.. does now end..with a  prayer..unto heaven..hoping tomorrow..brings more 11

Day9~Where are the ventilators

 It's time for day nine..what do we see..ventilators..were comes word..this may not be.. question.. the price and supply..why do they many will die..big buisiness..and small..had their need.. the stimulas call.. why then do doctors..nurses..and the sick..all have to wait..for the leaders..a company.. to pick..make what is needed.. spare no expense..human lives.. are depending..on leaders..common sense..we just..passed a bill.. yet continues...we get sick..not at our will..we hope for a cure..yet havnt heard.. so were not now at the end..soon comes day 10.. be safe..and aware.. let's hope our leaders..think of the lives.. we need to spare.. stop bickering and just not compare..

Day8~A stimulas bill passed

Day 8...ends the debate.. leaders have passed..a bill.. they say is gives us all of us need..'s more important.. than corporate greed..but let's take a thank..who's in charge..for passing a bill.. so fast.. and quite large.. we will soothe..all our nerves..for all..who are home.. it's what.. we deserve..lets not the bad...or what..we did have..let's pray for a cure.. Swift and then sure..for the world..needs all..are now fighting.. against..the same virus.. each day..into next..a cure..soon will come..although..seems..quite now done.. day 9..will soon come..for the world..get some rest..tomorrow..a new test..

Day7~where's the relief

Day seven's now here...and with it more fear..jobless are mounting..deaths they keep counting..which should come first..they ask one another..would it be different..if they had a sick sister or brother.. were still quite confused..on what we should we all gather.. with only a few..word has come in..something may pass..a package for long will it last.. let's pray for the best..and hope overworked doctors and nurses.. can soon get some 7 is now gone..Day 8 is now near.. hoping tomorrow..Is met with less fear..

Day6~Dwindling supplies

Day 5 we survived.. day 6 were now in.. still so confused.. why do we feel.. were on needles and pins.. hospitals..overrun.. as cases just mount..Masks are no more.. now who's.. left to shout..a country..of freedom..the best in the world.. now full of debators... which leaves us out..of life saving.. can this our leaders did know.. waiting to long.. to hit the button.. that said.. we should go.. now we are faced.. with a crisis.. of need.. as leaders still argue..about corporate greed.. for all now..need saving.. this much is true.. does anyone still think.. it's only the flu..we pray everyday.. for a world to we sit in our homes.. another.. day 6 has now vanished.. now brings day 7.. whats now in store..for will it be.. on the news at 11..

Day5~long lines for essentials

Day no more.. day five has now.. we are told..even less..have survived.. can anyone tell..why now they say..the worst is to come..soon..anyday..we sit..and we our leaders..advice.. all the while..they are fighting..what bailout..will suffice..why now is  money..for them..the big issue..can they not see..the lines.. we stand in...just fighting for tissue..who is in charge.. where do we day..forbidden.. the of seems..we are spinning.. our wheels in one 5 is now 6.. we now face..

Day4~pandemic what's going on

Day three is now gone. day four..seems..just is wrong..more one place..than Italy..can face.. a pandemic it's called..which means..really what..not a big they say..with a BUT..can anyone it by day..buisinesses close.. countries people continue.. to now surfaced..from the place..they say..this virus did come..back to normal they by one..seems strange..this is they have.. the vaccine..for whats called.. just a country..goes outside.. as the rest of the ordered inside..more questions.. than answers..they seem to provide.. day 4 is now over.. now onto day 5..

Day3~Chaos and fear

Day two is now through..Day three is now here..Bringing more chaos and with it more fear..Now we are told to just go inside..Back to our homes to sit and to hide..What shall we do..As they say it's only the flu..Why then the fuss..the hustle and bustle..Somethings amiss and were not being told..As it's just like the flu..Yet takes our seniors..the sick and the old.. Questions arise although seem disguised..As most sit now at home..Others are on the phone..Does anyone know which way to go..Who do we trust...Who to believe..who tells the truth..who tries to decieve..Day 3 now is gone..Out the window I still look..Where are the people..And how many now will be took..

Day2-ordered to stay home

Now in day two.. Day one is now through..Ordered inside..Means  we must hide..A virus they say.. Will change our lives..With each passing day..What does it mean..We must stand far away.. Because if we don't..We will get sick..Is now what they  say..If we get sick..What then do we do..Sit side by side..As others will get..what they now say..Is just like the flu..Some say it's nothing..Others tell of we are told..To sit in our homes..For a month or a year.. Seems so confusing..One day to the next..will finding a cure..also be so complex..So now again..Out the window I do look..Upon the blue sky..I now stare .Hoping tomorrow..brings for us all..A virus free air..

Day 1~The Beginning a virus arrives

Look out the window..What now do we face..Is it now  time for mankind..And the human race..Do we still see..Or we're blind to it all..As we keep running in place..We surely will now fall..As the world.. Is now on the edge..We become One step closer..To the ledge..Do we look down..Or look straight ahead..If we look up..What then will be said.. An eerie calmness is about..So loud Yet leaves us little doubt..Where do we go..What do we do..Left with so many questions..Yet answered by just a few..Does listening now help..Do we stand then alone..As were told to lockdown..And return to our homes..Where do we turn..Who do we believe..Just pray for the best..And hope to receive..As I write from the heart..A small place in my mind..We Somehow must believe..And all pray for mankind..