For so many today will give Thanks..To friends and to family...Although theres many...Who don't have any..It's for them this day should be shared..You see For so long..Nobody has truly cared..The ones with so much..They run and they run..Can they slow down..To see  what they've become..Lawyers..Doctors.. Nurses and all  the rest..Do they not see..How truly they are blessed..Having the chance to Thank and to Give..Is what he intended..And how we should all  live.. For the ones who cannot..and not of their will..This day is for you..However one feels..Forget about race..color or creed..Help someone out..Theres now so many who truly do need..Forget what ones learned..Forget what you think..The world were now in..Is so close to the brink..Lend out a hand..Do what one can..However your living..Just close your eyes and open your heart..and for all.. Happy Thanksgiving..


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