A quick turnaround.. for I now write again..Day one hundred and one..Is now here..and with it..we realize our biggest fear..He wouldn't wear masks..Took others for wearing them..To task..Yes Mr President.. we wish you the best..but also we ask..why didn't you..get us more tests..Yes..we want you to get well..but why did it take you so long..To ring the viruses berate.. instigate..and call it just the flu..Yes..please get better..But it havnt a clue..Yes..this may be harsh..and hard..for you to hear..maybe though now.. you will listen..and will realize..The virus..did not dissappear..This virus is real..not just to be used..For political feel..200,000..of us have died..all the kept chiding.. seemingly..To divide..Twitter.. tweet..make fun our great highly at risk..who else in your circle..will go down..because of's not just this fight for our should of been different..if you had not ignored.. The experts cries..Now it's you..who is's now real..and hits home..will you now still make fun of..and fight it alone..I'm sorry your infected..and hope you get well..but to be's no surprise..if I may tell..we all have been lost..not knowing what to are our leader..supposed to guide us through..You did none of you not wear a mask..Yes.. we will all pray..for you to get well.. As we all still.. have a virus to defeat..and for now.. try to repel..That's all for Day 101.. Next up is day 102..let's hope you get well.. because it's never been..just the flu


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