DAY 99~The Kentucky Derby in September not May

 Day ninety nine is now here..A virus claimed a tradition that comes year after year. I will go outside the normal news and share with you my views..For i am a lifelong fan always cheering as the horses run as fast as they can..Today is Kentucky derby Day in September instead of May ..A world upside down with 100 year old  tradition now moved around.. It doesn't feel The same..As a proud tradition seems to be a dying game..Raise a mint julep have a few beers its surreal to have the Derby this late in the year..I have memories aplenty with a lifetime of stories..Wins and losses all in seperate categories.. Seems for today something is lost..We all now blame and are paying the viruses cost..Still we will bet hoping to get a piece of it's history no matter  the day..Though the derby belongs not in September but forever in May..It's a run for the roses a horse race for those in the know..100,000 attend yet now are forbidden to go..Sports with no spectators..Horse races with empty grandstands..Leaves a hole in ones heart as all of us are truly just fans..Thats all for Day 99 next up is the century mark..100 days of light as the virus continues to keep everything dark..


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