It's now Day one hundred..It took awhile..To write again..So much to say..About now and then..First up..I want to say.. We lost a great.. supreme court justice..She was one of the best..Always fought for what's right..Every day..And every night..We will miss you..ARE..EYE..PEA.. Miss R.G..B...Now onto the first debate..Can anyone tell me..What that was..Or why..Or because..Next one..They SHUD call it..Onto you I  berate..Instead of The Presidential debate..We are supposed to vote..For one of these two..Amongst this circus..And madhouse..Maybe instead..We all should vote.. For Mickey Mouse..Watching two grown men..One already the leader..A liar..And a cheater..The other..Not much better..But at least for now.. He won't demand..His name.. On a check enclosed.. Stimulus letter..It's all so surreal.. As we all have no clue..What now to believe...Or what to feel..One must win.. The other will lose..Although regardless..It's not much of a choice..From those two..For us to now choose..How did we get here..So torn..and tattered..A country divided.. Split..Splintered..And just shattered..The virus still raging..people more and more..Now engaging..This too..Will soon more we ignore.. and won't heed.. Please try to stay well..For soon once again..The numbers of sick..Will again..Begin to swell..That's all for Day 100..The century mark..Lets hope the next 100..will bring change for the good..and not be so dark..


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