DAY~103/ You Lost:Time to Concede

 It's with the utmost happiness and Glee I  write about day one hundred and three...The people have now spoken millions have voted and now are awoken..It wasnt enough to win even though half the country voted for you..Of course you won't concede although it's the proper thing to do..We must now begin to heal which for You was never how you  feel..I used to admire your drive and your will..Now I just see an empty man with his own ego to fill..You can have all the money the houses the planes and the cars..Look in the mirror do you even know who you are..You are the President of the United States..Though in the end you divided us and taught us more hate..You said once again you would make America great..How could that happen as you just belittle and berate..So many  gave there lives for our freedom always continuing to fight..It let's me say this to you as i am Free to just write..This country Is for us all not just for you..Freedom gives us the right to pick and also then choose..Can you now do one simple good deed..Your the president you lost now just concede..If not for your loyal band of followers.. Do it for your wife as every year the media has devoured her..Go back to civilian life and your home.. Whatever and Wherever you choose.. You left nobody a winner as most of us will lose.. Give us a chance to move forward and begin now to heal..The virus still raging as many more lives it will steal..It's time for you to go Home it's time to concede..For once in your reign give us all what we need...Thats all for Day 103 next up is day 104..I'm hoping with grace though I doubt it..You will soon say goodbye and walk out the door.. 


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