A little About me

 I am neither a writer or have taken any poetry classes. My poems may seem crude at times( I have been told the dots..are confusing..lol) it's the only way I know how to break up the sentences. In short? It's my style. I never mean to offend or put anyone down. I write from my heart, from what I feel may need to be said. And that maybe,alot of you feel as well. I am truly writing from a view from Outside. For during this pandemic. I have been homeless. And have written every single poem,From Outside. It's a view I never intended to see from. But it has given me a unique view, nonetheless. I hope some of you? Can truly relate to one? Or more,of the poems I have posted..Please feel free to comment, good or bad.Either way? I will be glad to respond, and glad people have some type of emotion, or are touched in anyway.After reading my blog..Please stay safe, we truly are all in this together




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