DAY~102/COUNT THEM All and then say goodbye

 It's now onto Day one hundred and two..All days in between,It's been awhile..and today..It seems now you are through..No compassion for the people...Cost you your job..240,000 dead..and their loved  ones..left empty..and feeling robbed..You are about only you..Always have been.. through and through..And of course.. You won't accept the count..of the people's vote...Why should you..Losers can't gloat..You had a choice to make..Which path to walk on..Which one to take..It never was about the people..Or to stop the virus to it's end..until it was through..Even today you still think..It's no worse than the flu..Democracy is what it's called..You should be ashamed of all your lies..As now most of us..Looking at you..Are appalled..You never tell the truth..just demean and divide..Instead your just forcing..All of us to choose a side.. We are a free country.. for many reasons..And one is free will..If you had your way.. Even that you somehow.. Would try to  kill..Enough with your hate.. Let's COUNT all the votes..And then show this guy..Out the back gate..No more minced words..or trying to be biased..You let us all down..When all of us looked..For true answers..You just made the virus..Your lowest priority.. Instead of the highest..Your opponents not much better..but at least he..Won't demand his name..on an egotistical stimulas letter..That's all for  DAY 102..I'm sure more is in store..For it's who you are..And what Yu always do.. Next comes Day 103.. For this writer I pray..A new president..Is what I will see


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